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In this post, we will be discussing about Liferay DXP. It will provide you an overview of Liferay DXP including different features of it. We will discuss about the different advantages of using Liferay - DXP to provide an effective enterprise portal solutions.


Liferay DXP was recognized by Gartner as visionary leader in the Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portal Products in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, Liferay has got transpired as one of the most effective enterprise portal solutions widely used by industries. Apart of its collaboration, web content management and document management strengths, the step ahead and consistence innovations have reinforced this open source portal solution to be more of a comprehensive solution to manage customers and users coherently.


How Liferay actually made the difference

The enterprise’s expectations:

In general, the enterprise has following expectations from an effective technology solution.

  • Acts as an outright collaboration platform for entire business ecosystem
  • Drives interactive customer engagement followed by effective customer services
  • Enables successful execution of visionary strategies
  • Handles employee productivity management aligned with organizational performance
  • Escalates process improvement and coherence of workflow
  • Act as a platform to share relevant customer data across the across the enterprise with desired controls
  • Scales as per the requirements and keeps the organization adaptive with time

Liferay’s potential to fulfill those expectations

A robust Integration platform with resilient UI

Liferay offers a flexible User Interface that can be integrated with:

  • Multifaceted third party applications
  • EAI Web Services, API calls, Portlets
  • RSS, REST, HTTP, MasAPI Calls
  • Social Apps

Higher-ranking Features and Functionalities

  • Support for RIA Rich Internet Applications 2.0, AJAX, SOA, REST etc. and significant RIA client frameworks
  • Integrated social computing functionalities
  • Enormous Out-of-the-box features for unlimited possibilities
  • Secured Role and Permission Management along with flawless integration possibilities with all foremost Identity Management Systems such as:
    • LDAP Authentication and Synchronization
    • Oracle Access Manager
    • CA SiteMinder
    • Novell Identity Manager
    • Sun Identify Manager/Open SSO
    • Tivoli
  • Swiftness and Agility for Implementation

    • MVP Approach for Development: One of the best parts of Liferay Solutions is development possibilities as Minimum Viable Product. One can add desired functionality as and when required and have immediate feedback as well
    • Programmers have straight access to the system up to the remarkable level
    • Reusable Assets
    • Feasibility of quick implementation and faster deployment without any kind of compromise short term and long term expectations along with easy maintenance

    Agility for Customization

    Due to its hook and extension plugin model, you can easily customize your specific requirements with Liferay portal without working from scratch all the times.

    Agility for Business

    Liferay’s Lightweight nature supports in achieving desired business objectives. It is very easy to configure custom features securely and to deploy them quickly. It also offers high degree of scalability to cope with changing needs of the business

    Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    Be it about licensing cost, solution development cost or overall operational and maintenance cost, Liferay is one of the most cost effective solutions during each phase of ownership

    Several Exclusive Liferay DXP Advantages

    • Optimum Databases Support: Liferay DXP provides out-of-the-box support for major data bases including non-open source databases such as Sybase DBs, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracke and IBM’s DB2
    • Clustering: Clustering is out of the box feature in Liferay DXP as OSGi based module. It supports non open source application servers as well such as IBM WebSphere or Oracle WebLogic
    • Audience targeting
    • Elastic Search


    • 4 million downloads (80,000 per month)
    • 350,000-500,000 worldwide deployments
    • 19,000 registered users on
    • Over 24,000 community members
    • 11,400 active forum participants
    • Largest single portal knowledge base with over 120,000 forum posts
    • An estimated 250,000 implementations around the world


    Liferay is not limited to being just an extremely sound technology platform; it offers amazing user experience along with pleasing look and feel. Its mobile app SDK gels with the requirements of mobile first era. With the depth and breadth of visibility across all facets of Liferay, major business and functional challenges of an enterprise can be addressed in a trouble free manner.

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