About Us

Hello there! My name is Dhiraj and I am the creator of Devglan. I am a Full Stack Developer by profession but I find myself more comfortable in backend technologies. You can visit my profile page here on LinkedIn.

Initially, I had no idea of starting a blog like it is today. When I was a fresher, I thought of creating an end-to-end application myself just to practice my own learning. After spending a few weeks on it I was able to create it and in the process, I learned too many things and I wanted to keep a record of it. Then this idea came up of keeping a document of all my learning online in one place.

With this idea in mind, I created a simple website that had options to add my ideas, workflows, and learnings. Within a 6 month of time, I created an archive for myself in my own website but with private access. Over time, I found this website very useful in my day-to-day job and helped me in organizing my thoughts and improve my overall skills and knowledge.

Then I decided to make it public so that I can share my learnings and findings with other developers too and help them in thier day-to-day job. Actually, it gives me pleasure when people read these articles and say that It has helped them.

What Technologies Devglan Uses

Devglan is completely built on Spring MVC. I am using spring boot in the backend and JSP for the view. In a few places, I have used AngularJs to bind the model with the view.

I am always open to your suggestions and feedback. You can always reach me at dhiraj@devglan.com or suggest me here.

I am always committed to providing quality contents and materials that benefit developer around the globe. Being a Java developer, most of the content here on Devglan are related to Java but I am open in posting articles and tutorials on any technologies that would be helpful to others.

I recently started my own YouTube Channel - Roading Fox related to travel. Do checkout and subscribe 😜

Thanks for visiting Devglan.