Submission Criteria

Writing any post is always rewarding as your peers and colleagues will read your work and in the meantime you will also learn a lot in the process. Write today, be a guest blogger and see the positive side of it on your career.

We only post articles that are useful to developers and have some hands-on coding examples. It would be great if you can provide such articles to post on Devglan. Else there are very few chances that your article will get published.

What Topics to Choose

There is no barrier as you can write your article on any programming language related to any technologies. Only thing we are concerned is about quality and authentic content. It could be any programming challenges you faced and the way you dealt with it or any tutorials you feel worth sharing.

Guidelines for Writing Articles

1. Most importantly, no DUPLICATE or SPAMMY content.

2. Technology can be anything like Java, Spring, Hibernate, Database, Android, Angular,Net, Scala, Javascript, Network, Security, Machine Learning, etc.

3. Writing an article does not mean, it should be long, but it should fulfill the purpose and provide values to our reader.

4. Click on the +Submit button on top right corner or click this link to start writing your article now.

For any queries, feel free to reach out at Contact Us page.

Here are some good examples:

  • Adding JWT Authentication in a Spring Boot App
  • Integrating Apache Kafka with Spring
  • File Upload in Angular

Here are some bad examples:

  • Tips to Convert Your Website into an App/
  • Best and Cheap SSL certificate Providers
  • Why Career Counseling is Important

You can include as many links in the article, but we can utmost provide one link following to your blog.

Guidelines for Submitting Tutorial Links

1. The tutorial link must provide our readers about the basics or advanced concepts of a particular topic holistically.

Here are some good examples:

  • Zero to Hero with Python
  • Creating a Spring Boot App Step By Step
  • Mastering Javascript

Here are some bad examples:

  • Python Classes
  • Comparing Files in Java
  • Spring Security Login Example

4. Click on the +Submit button in the top right corner or click this link to submit a tutorial link now.

Guidelines for Submitting Blog Links

1. The article link can be any blog post or news link on any technologies that you think might be interesting to the readers.

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We also accept paid articles for promoting any company, app or software. You will be charged starting from 25 USD for publishing. The article must be at least 1200 words long.

To publish a sponsored article, click on the +Submit button in the top right corner or click here to go to the Write for Us page and submit your article through the tool. Once the article is submitted, you can drop us an email at with the title of your article.