Java 8 Tutorial


Java 8 was released in 2014 and ever since the different new features of Java 8 has really amazed java developer around the globe. The most discussed feature of Java 8 was lambda, streams and in this tutorial, we will be focusing on it. Also, the date time API is really awesome and java was really lacking these features as compared to other languages.

HashMap Custom Implementation in Java

By Dhiraj , 09 March, 2020 74K

In this article, we will be creating our custom HashMap implementation in Java. First, we will discuss how the HashMap provided in Java API actually works internally in short so that it will be easier...

Java 8 Lambda Expression

By Dhiraj , 12 May, 2017 9K

This article is all about java lambda expression. Here we will discuss about what is lambda expression, why it is required although we have object oriented programming, using lambda. We will also write a sample hello world java program using lambda expression and many more. So lets get started....

Java 8 Streams Operations

By Dhiraj , 12 May, 2017 8K

This tutorial is on java 8 streams API. Here we will be discussing about what is stream, different ways to obtain a stream and also about different stream operations with examples....

Java 8 Date Time Conversions

By Dhiraj , 13 May, 2017 24K

In this tutorial we will be dicussing about different datetime conversions provided in java 8. Here we will implement different examples to convert Date to LocalDate and LocalDateTime, LocalDateTime to Date, LocalDate to Date,LocalDateTime to ZonedDateTime and vice versa, Date to EpochSeconds, Instants etc. Also, we will take a look into different ways to manipulate Date object in java 8 by adding durations such as Day, Month etc. Also we will take a look into different Date comparisons provided...

Java 8 Parallel Streams Example

By Dhiraj , 24 May, 2017 55K

When it comes to stream in Java 8, there are 2 different types of stream operation available. They are serial stream and parallel stream. In this article we will be discussing about parallel stream in java 8. We will look into different examples of using parallel stream, differences between them, performance improvement with parallel stream and also discuss about some aspects of using parallel stream....

RSA Encryption and Decryption in Java

By Dhiraj , 10 March, 2018 355K

In this article, we will discuss about RSA encryption and decryption cryptography in Java. We will be generating public and private keys using KeyPairGenerator and use these keys for asymmetric encryption and decryption....