Liferay DXP for Beginners

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In the previous post of Liferay DXP, we discussed about the different features of Liferay DXP that is worth for digital transformaton. In this article, we will present some facts and data that you should be knowing before starting with liferay DXP. The improvment and acceptance of Liferay over the past years has actually made many of us to give a second thought about getting started with Liferaay DXP. Hence, today I will be presenting some of the facts that every beginners must be knowing before getting started with Liferay.

Nurtured by the global leaders, the phenomenon of enterprise portals has been strengthening to match with the changing needs of modern enterprises. In such competitive scenarios, Liferay enterprise portal is considered as one of the most successful enterprise portals and it is recognized by Gartner as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals for seven times.

With the launching of its latest version Liferay DXP in 2016, today Liferay unfolded itself far beyond the definition of standard enterprise portal. It is more of a technology platform now, that can enable the furnishing of end to end digital experience to entire organization ecosystem. Moreover, team Liferay is proactively looking forward to use of DXP in software testing, modern frontend work flows and data governance in upcoming days as a part of future Liferay Development.

How Liferay is trending in various industry verticals


Liferay Basics at a Glance

Liferay is an open source enterprise portal with capabilities of working as a technology platform available as Community Edition and Enterprise Edition

It is written in Java and runs on all major application servers/servlet containers, databases and operating systems

A robust integration platform with built in CMS and enormous Out of the Box features functionalities to develop enterprise grade application that can address each specific need of the organization.

Liferay customization is a flawless process as it is a ready to use solution with endless customization, personalization and third party tools integration possibilities.

It offers enormous out of the box including Multi-Site support, Internationalization, User and Group Management, Document Library Management.

Few of the technologies that have been applied for the development of Liferay Enterprise Portal are: JSR-168 & JSR-286 compliant, Velocity and Alloy UI, JSP, JSF – Liferay Faces, Spring and Struts (MVC), Hibernate, Lucene and Solr, ImageMagick

What is new in the latest version Liferay DXP

Empowers Single Page Application by automatically concerting portlet into SPA and boosting Liferay Integration process to the next level

Optimized content authoring using WYSIWYG editor and Alloy Editor along with better content organization possibilities.

Effective form application that allows defining and publishing advanced dynamic forms even with complex multi-column layouts and spanning up to several pages

Possibility to geolocate all web content, data lists, documents & media

Improved blog, forums and wiki experience for targeted usage and engagement

Easy staging for advanced publishing scenarios and new media selector for easy operations

Requirement of structure and template for web content articles along with flexibility to modify the default structure and template

Core Attributes of liferay DXP


Additionally Liferay DXP is enriched with enormous value adding features such as Community Features, Web Content Management Features, Collaboration Features, Social Networking Features, and Business Productivity Features.


All in all Liferay can be proved one of the best technology solutions to align the business IT strategy with organizational architecture in a secured and cost effective manner. As an organization, Liferay is regarded for its attributes such as understanding of the industry’s needs, strategic innovative approach for product development and proffering of core product and services. Launching of DXP version has escalated the popularity of Liferay Portal Development. Apart of Gartner, it is also admired by well-known names such as Water & Stone, EContent 100 and InfoWorld. Technology is flourishing at the speed of life and Liferay will offer even better products to empower the industries.

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