Mobile App Development: Top Benefits, Apps, & Trends in 2019


In 2019 mobile applications are ubiquitous. All businesses across the globe are keen on leveraging the power and advantages of mobile apps for boosting their online businesses and providing overall enhanced customer experience. From retail to hospitality to manufacturing to e-commerce, every sector is excited about integrating these versatile mobile apps in their marketing strategy to enjoy the huge potential of mobility. Entrepreneurs are today, regarded as a special breed known to be working at odd hours, investing their resources to follow their lofty vision, striving to fulfill their dream, and always finding novel and innovative ways to improve.

As per, “A mobile app can be a lot of different things. It can be a way to access information, to play games, to do your banking, to monitor your home, to communicate and now to interact with your local businesses. Business owners with the insight to adopt this marketing channel early display their ability to understand where their customers are and how to effectively engage with them.”

Apart from offering mobility advantage, we find that customized mobile apps could be offering a plethora of advantages to modern businesses, especially small businesses today. Let us discuss some of the significant benefits offered by mobile app development to businesses in their quest for success. These benefits could help you in achieving specific objectives for making your business scalable and flexible for addressing a variety of challenges.

Top Benefits of Using Mobile Applications for Businesses

Great for Facilitating Communication

Mobile app development has been aiming at making mobility far more robust and communication really more effective. Mobile apps are great for anytime communication especially between the management, employees, and even the stakeholders. We know that mobile apps could be powerful tools for spreading awareness regarding product launches, company activities, and promotional offers. The mobile apps are known to work wonders for your business whether it involves geo-targeting promotion or direct communication.

Best for Boosting Customer Loyalty

Boosting customer loyalty is the key to business success hence; every entrepreneur must focus on it. You need to keep in your mind that customers are actually the lifeblood of your business, so make it your top priority to boost customer loyalty and create brand ambassadors. It is pretty evident that mobile apps are surely the best tools for effectively communicating and engaging with customers. These apps would be giving your customers the capacity to interact effectively with your business as per their schedule. We know that push notifications are having open rates of even more than 90 percent while emails have open rates of 25 to 30 percent. So you can see for yourself how mobile applications could surely be the most effective way of connecting and engaging with your customers. Seek the professional services of a reputable digital marketing company for boosting your brand.

Most Effective for Promoting Sales of an Organization

All these feature-rich mobile apps are capable of spreading awareness about your brand and unique products. You could take the maximum advantage of clearly a paradigm shift that has taken place from laptops to your smartphones for both searchings online and browsing products. As per the findings of an official survey most people are in the habit of searching on the move when they are waiting for appointments or while traveling. Your business app would be the right tool for addressing a huge audience comprising such people. A retail business that has an effective integrated e-commerce system would be increasing its efficiency and boosting the overall sales figures. Mobile apps are best for providing an easy, interactive, and quick way of navigation. They are far more convenient for the purpose of shopping in comparison to the websites. As such, customers have a preference for mobile apps for purchasing products.

Recent Mobile App Development Trends

Artificial Intelligence Gaining Traction

Artificial intelligence certainly is not at all a new phenomenon today. As per a survey by International Data Corporation, it is expected that the market for Artificial Intelligence would be at $40 billion by 2020. That implies that more and more sectors are integrating AI with human intelligence for obtaining the best outcomes. Until now, we have witnessed the manufacturing and the medical fields have successfully managed to embrace AI for promoting efficiency via artificial intelligence. This surely is the result of high accuracy levels and the amazing ability to effectively capture real-time events.

Growing Popularity of Chat bots

We can understand that in 2019 chat bots would be taking over diverse communication aspects relating to the mobile application world. Chat bots are growing in popularity because of the rising need for having real-time interaction between customers and even service providers. Do not forget that this technology would be circumventing the necessity of having human-to-human communication and interaction in diverse fields. Top organizations are making huge profits as a result of a boost in customer engagement. Firms are all set for beating each other with effective and innovative Chat bot applications.

Internet of Things Gaining Prominence by the Day

IoT is gradually making its presence felt in the operations of major industries. Things are heading towards the next level in 2019. That is simply because more sectors including e-commerce and education are capitalizing on the IoT.

Top Mobile Apps 2019


Keeping constant track of all expenses is certainly an integral part of businesses. Thanks to FreshBooks, you are now able to keep track of all expenses, projects, invoices, and also your time. This brilliant app is known for allowing you to effectively automate your workflow. This would help you in saving time by cutting out manual processes. The price of this app would largely depend on the precise number of clients associated with your business currently. It starts at $15 every month for five billable clients.


Social media is essential for several small businesses. In this context, you must know that Hootsuite is actually an effective social media managing app that brings all your channels together efficiently under one single roof.

Hootsuite allows you to go on scheduling your posts, reporting on online presence, gathering content and accurately measuring performance. It offers a free version; however, the premium version would be having additional tools for effectively monitoring and managing your social media endeavors.


Some businesses would need reporting in terms of expenses. We understand that Expensify has been designed for specifically addressing these businesses by efficiently simplifying the tiresome process. The app would be effectively scanning your receipts, automatically transcribing the details and applying for reimbursement and creating an accurate report.


We do not exaggerate when we mention that the effective integration of technological developments could boost mobile app development expenses but remember it is a really good investment that would be giving your business a relatively high return. By providing all these amazing benefits, a brilliant and feature-rich mobile application could take your business to a whole new level irrespective of its scale and size.

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