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This free online tool provides encryption and decryption of any file instantly. It can encrypt and decrypt any file having any extensions such as .txt, .docx, .pdf, etc. It provides mechanism to either encrypt the file with your own custom secret key or without any secret keys. This ensures utmost security and privacy of your file.

Also, you can use this free text encryption and decryption tool if you want to encrypt any plain-text instead of a file.

Recently, we upgraded our system and increased the file upload size limit to 6 MB from 1 MB previously.

Any plain-text or file input or output that you enter, or we generate is not stored on this site, this tool is provided via an HTTPS URL to ensure that text cannot be stolen.

File Encryption

File Decryption

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Usage Guide

For encryption of any file, just upload the file of your choice and click on the Encrypt button and the encrypted file will be downloaded instantly. Selecting a secret key is just an optional field and can be used to secure the file with your own key.

One thing to remember here is the encrypted file or it's name should not be modified in any way or else the decryption process will not be able to decrypt the encrypted file.

Always, remember the secret key by yourself used during the encryption as this key is nowhere stored on our platform and hence, once the encryption key is missed, the file can never be decrypted again without that same encryption key used during file encryption

Similarly, the decryption tool can be used to decrypt the file that is encrypted on our platform. Do not forget to supply the secret key if the secret key was used during encryption or else any secret key during decryption is optional.

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