Encrypt & Decrypt Image Online for Free

This tool encrypts and decrypts any image instantly for free. It supports encryption of all image formats such as .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, etc.

This image can be encrypted with a user supplied password or without any password but it is always recommended to supply a custom password by the user while encrypting the image for an utmost security.

Encrypt Image

Decrypt Image

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Usage Guide

Any password or file input or output that you enter, or we generate is never stored on this site and this tool is provided via an HTTPS URL to ensure that no data can be stolen.

The encrypted image format will be of .encr format which is a custom format developed to encrypt image. It is recommended not to change the encrypted image format as the same encryption algo will be reapplied to decrypt the image in case you want to decrypt the image to retrieve the original image.

For encryption of any image, user need to upload a valid image and enter the pass key. This pass key is optional and will be used to encrypt the uploaded image if provided.

The secret key provided during the encryption is nowhere stored on our platform and hence, if the encryption key is lost, then the file can never be decrypted back and hence the user need to make sure that secret key or the pass phrase is stored in a safe manner.

Depending upon the inputs, the image will be encrypted instantly and will be downloaded in the user's local system.

Similarly, the decryption tool can be used to decrypt the image that is encrypted on Devglan. Do not forget to supply the same secret key used while encrypting the image in order to decrypt it back.

In case no secret key was supplied during encryption, the decryption process also doesn't require any secret key.


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