Top 10 Cloud Management Tools for Businesses

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At present cloud computing has become a backbone for many IT organizations. As per the Right scale report, most of the companies globally are looking towards cloud computing for their business needs. Without any doubt, cloud computing has the most profitable solutions for the business. While the Amazon Web Services (AWS) rapidly grows its market, services, and functionalities in the field of Cloud Computing.

However, many IT Business are approaching cloud usage for their business operations. When your running your business in various cloud platforms then cost management is a very challenging task. Many top companies like Google, Amazon are utilizing special tools for cloud management, these tools improve the ability, flexibility and reduce costs. Additionally, it will provide the database, network, and storage in no time. In this article, we are going to discuss the list of top cloud management tools.

Top 10 Cloud Management Tools for Businesses

1. Dynatrace

Dynatrace is the AWS cloud management tool, it offers AI to monitor the AWS full stack applications. It might independently identify the availability issues, performance and also finds the root cause. This tool provides the optimized customer experience and monitors the app performance and penetrations in FullStacks of its services between users and infrastructure components of AWS.

It detects AWS resource after deployment ad also it collects the infrastructure performance metrics. In a dashboard, users can get an overview of Amazon DynamoDB tables, Amazon EC2 instances, AWS Elastic Load Balancing instances, Amazon EBS volumes, Amazon RDS instances, Amazon S3 buckets and AWS Lambda functions.

2. Cloudability l

Cloudability is one of the powerful cloud management tools, It is a SaaS product and it is very easy to use. It is specially made to manage and monitor cloud expenses. It provides faster and completes the data that contains your cloud usage. Moreover, it will generate the daily reports and budget alerts and it retains you up-to-date on finance. It will support public, hybrid and several numbers of public cloud service providers.

With Cloudability we can identify the resources those are not using and observe the spending malfunctions. It allows Reserved Instance planner(RI) for efficient furnishing of Amazon reserved instances. Its supports HP Cloud, Rackspace, Amazon AWS, IBM/SoftLayer and Heroku, etc.

3. VMware’s vRealize Business

VMware vRealize Business originally named as VMware IT Business Management Suite, It is one of the cloud management tools and is used for consumption, cloud casting, planning and comparison. It allows managers and keep control on cost and get insights into shared resources of the cloud. As a result, it’s possible for users to manage resources and budgets. VMware vRealize Business makes cloud management very easy and it offers elaborate information on efficiency and capacity. It allows tracking the rate of public or private cloud from one console.

We can integrate vRealize Business with various hybrid, private and public clouds. It compares planned and actual spendings then determine the consumers and spenders. Its automatically collects the data from public and vsphere clouds.

4. AppDynamics

AppDynamics on APM or application performance management in real-time improve business execution. Several numbers of application developers and DevOps people suggested this tool. It allows a user to optimize the performance of multi-cloud and complex environments at all times. The key features of the tool are user monitoring and code visibility.

5. Cloudify

Cloudify is a service-oriented, open source model-driven cloud management solution meant to simplify cloud orchestration. It's designed to automate the deployment, configuration, and repair of applications and network services and stack environments using an approach based on the TOSCA specifications.

This means that you could concentrate on setting the desired state of the application in readable and simple terms, and Cloudify handles things properly to reach the desired state while constantly monitoring the program to ensure it keeps the desired SLAs in case of failure.

You can model your applications in TOSCA files that may be shared by your dev and ops teams that can be controlled and used for production and after that visualized.

6. Apache CloudStack

Apache Cloudstack is an open source software intended as an expandable infrastructure. The Apache cloud computing platform intends to manage and deploy huge networks of virtual machines. The service providers of Cloudstack offers Public cloud service, and by businesses which offers private cloud service offering, or within the limits of hybrid cloud solution.

CloudStack is considered a turnkey and mature solution and it contain the entire stack of hallmarks. Most companies want a Network-as-a-Service, user and IaaS cloud such as compute orchestration, a full and open native API, account management, first-class UI, resource accounting, and security. It boasts of dynamic workload management, resource provisioning, secure cloud deployments, multiple storage solutions, comprehensive service management, and multi-user support, among others.

The software supports the most well-known hypervisors like VMware, Citrix XenServer, KVM, Oracle VM server, Microsoft Hyper-V and Xen Cloud Platform (XCP). The users can easily manage their cloud services with the features of the command line tool, web interference and many more. It offers an API that's compatible with S3 and AWS EC2 for companies want to deploy hybrid clouds.

7. Microsoft Azure Cost Management

Microsoft Azure Cost Management is an Cloudyn licenced software and Microsoft subsidiary. It is intended to help you make a large number of Azure and other clouds through the tools to allocate, optimize and monitor your cloud costs so that we can speed up the upcoming investments with more confidence. With this software, we can handle the cloud to spend with more accuracy and transparency.

Azure cost management collects the billing data and cloud usage with API’s from Google, Azure and AWS Cloud Platform. With the gathered data we can get visibility into cost and resource consumption across cloud platform in a single view. It allows business users and operational staff to make custom dashboards to see the data. We can regularly watch the costs trends, cloud consumption and monitor the actual cloud spend then manage the detect spending, usage inefficiencies and overspending. We can be enhancing the forecasting accuracy of cloud expenditure and usage with the help of the historical data and empower the team to control cloud spend very better manner by allowing access to choose the right insights and data.

8. Cloudcraft

When it comes to designing and visualizing a professional architectural diagram in minutes cloud craft comes into play. It is well optimized for amazon web services so it is easier to create and capture your important services with crucial components like ELB, EC2, RDS, Lambda, Redshift, CloudFront, etc.

Data can be retrieved with a single click at any component to have a glance at the current cost, configuration and, click tags to directly interact with AWS web console. With Cloudcroft, you can share and manage diagrams online with your team, transfer to docs, wikis, and presentations.

This cloudcraft solution enables its users to retrieve the data from cloud by enabling its users to integrate with the cloud computing systems. The integration process helps them in analysing of the health of the data and infrastructure of the cloud computing can create images within the solution and the team members can customize the images according to their requirements.

9. Morpheus

Morpheus is a unique cloud orchestration software aimed to connect developers to a self-service infrastructure across just about any cloud platform. It allows you to manage the whole application lifecycle and leverage system by learning to maximize efficiency. The software offers analytics to allow you view costs and optimize them, assures predictable control of IT using policy-driven fine-grained app templates and frictionless automation to accelerate developer workflow.

Additionally you proof evolution as Morpheus bridges the space between electronic disruption and IT execution. It handles this process through cross-platform unification that crosses bare metal, VMs, and containers through traditional and microservice architecture, as well as automatic exploding, that allows you scale or clone applications as needed across clouds and clusters without intervention.

10. Intelligent Contract

This is a software which focuses mainly on cloud management, it helps in simplifying contract management for large and small enterprises. It offers an intuitive interface which is chock full of robust functionalities, it enables you to create a central entity of all your documents and makes automatic approval of processes for increased profits and productivity.

The intelligent contract helps you in digitizing your contracts and store them according to your requirements. It has the capability to recognize text through a technology called optical character recognition, this helps you to retrieve certain part of contracts.


Cloud computing is growing at a rapid pace and we expect to see new technologies and approaches emerge over the coming years, including emerging open-source options.

Open Source will continue to be a segment of cloud computing, but cloud management tools alter vastly, and complexity of the tools will only increase over time. But certainly, you can't wait. So embrace yourself with new knowledge, understand the arising issues you need to solve, and be future ready. Selecting the right cloud managing tool will help you in leveraging the full potentiality of your cloud technology.

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