spring Objective Questions and Answers (SET - 0)

Please attempt at least 12 objective questions to see test result.

1)  What is Spring ?

2)  What is IOC ?

3)  Which of the following is not a Spring Module ?

4)  Beans defined in spring framework are by default .. .?

5)  What are different types of Bean Injections ?

6)  Which are different points where weaving can be applied ?

7)  What is a controller in Spring ?

8)  Which of the following is actual representation of the Spring IoC container ?

9)  How container load configuration metadata from a variety of external resources such as the local file system from the Java CLASSPATH ?

10)  Which of following is correct way to load bean definitions from another file ?

11)  What do you mean by inner bean?

12)  What are responsibilities included for bean factory do ? A.Instantiating or sourcing application objects B.configuring such objects C.Assembling the dependencies between these objects D.Manage lifecycle of spring

13)  What are the responsibilities of XmlBeanFactory included ? A.This implementation allows you to express the objects that compose your application B.Resolve inter-dependencies between such objects, in terms of XML C.The XmlBeanFactory takes this XML configuration metadata and uses it to create a fully configured system or application D.Non of these

14)  What are the correct ways to instantiate bean? A.Using default (empty) constructor B.Instantiation using a static factory method C.Instantiation using an instance factory method D.Using the container E.All these above are true

15)  Which statements are true about IOC(Inversion of Control) ? A.Decoupling of the execution of a certain task from implementation. B.Each module can focus on what it is designed for. C.Replacing modules should not affect to other modules. D.Modules should observe about what other systems do . E.All the above

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