servlet Objective Questions and Answers (SET - 0)

Please attempt at least 12 objective questions to see test result.

1)  What are the mechanisms available in ServletContextListener interface?

2)  A deployment descriptor describes

3)  Dynamic interception of requests and responses to transform the information is done by

4)  he life cycle of a servlet is managed by

5)  The include() method of RequestDispatcher

6)  The method forward(request,response) will

7)  What is the limit of data to be passed from HTML when doGet() method is used?

8)  The getSession() method with 'true' as its parameter [ getSession(true) ] it will return the appropriate session object when

9)  Which of the following are the session tracking techniques?

10)  In which advantage of servlet, Servlets are managed by JVM so no need to worry about memory leak, garbage collection etc.?

11)  In the following statements identify the disadvantages of CGI?

12)  In HTTP Request Which Asks for the loopback of the request message, for testing or troubleshooting?

13)  In RequestDispacher which method is used to sends the same request and response objects to another servlet?

14)  An object of Which is created by the web container at time of deploying the project?

15)  An attribute in servlet is an object that can be set, get or removed from one of the following scopes?