angularjs Objective Questions and Answers (SET - 0)

Please attempt at least 12 objective questions to see test result.

1)  Which of the following is true about ng-app directive?

2)  How angular.module works?

3)  Which of the following is true about ng-init directive?

4)  Which of the following directive is used to initialize an angular app?

5)  AngularJS expressions are written using.

6)  Angular initializes based upon which of the following scenario?

7)  With more than one ng-app in an HTML document (an HTML page), are all of them automatically initialized?

8)  What are various possible prefixes such as ?ng-? using which Angular directives (for example, ng-app) can be defined?

9)  What are various possible ways in which angular application can be initialized?

10)  What angular function is used to manually start up an angular application?

11)  Which components can be injected as a dependency in AngularJS?

12)  Which of the following is true about AngularJS service?

13)  What is View in MVC?

14)  Which of the following is true about $error?

15)  Which of the following is true about provider?