Java program to reverse a given number

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By Dhiraj Ray 01 January, 2018


Write a java program to reverse a given number by using only numeric operators.Suppose, if you are given an input of 4567 then the output should be 7654.In the program below, we have only used the modulus or remainder and / operator.Following is the complete program.
package com.devglan;

public class ReverseNumber {

    public int reverseNumber(int number){

        int reverse = 0;
        while(number != 0){
            reverse = (reverse*10)+(number%10);
            number = number/10;
        return reverse;

    public static void main(String a[]){
        ReverseNumber reverseNumber = new ReverseNumber();
        System.out.println("Reversed Number: " + reverseNumber.reverseNumber(3579));


By using modulus operator(%) on the input int by 10 will extract off the rightmost digit. example: (1234 % 10) = 4.Multiplying an integer by 10 will "push it left" exposing a zero to the right of that number, example: (5 * 10) = 50.Dividing an integer by 10 will remove the rightmost digit. (75 / 10) = 7


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