Write a Java Program to find Factorial of a Given Number

Write a Java Program to find Factorial of a Given Number thumbnail
By Dhiraj Ray 02 January, 2018


Write a program to find factorial of a given number is a common java program asked in any interview to freshers.The factorial of a non-negative integer n is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to n. For example factorial of 4 is 4*3*2 = 24.There are 2 ways to find a factorial of a given number - One by using for loop and the other using recursion.Following java program uses for loop to find factorial of a given number.

package com.devglan;

public class Factorial {

    public long findFactorial(int num){
		if(num < 1){
				System.out.println("Please provide non-negative number.");
        long factorial = 1;
        for (long i = num; i > 1; i--) {
            factorial = factorial * i;
        return factorial;

    public static void main(String [] args){
        Factorial factorial = new Factorial();
        int num = 34;
        System.out.println("Factorial of " + num + " is : " + factorial.findFactorial(num));


Use for loop starting from the number itself and multiply with a decrement number and keeps on accumulating the result in the same variable untill 1 is reached.


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