Spring Boot Tutorial Topics

File Upload with AngularJs And Spring Boot Rest

By Dhiraj Ray, 02 October,2017

In this post we will be discussing about using form data to upload file to a spring boot based REST server with angular js as client.We will have a sample project having a form to upload a file and once the file is uploaded, we will be displaying the same in a table with a download button and whenever this button is clicked the image will be downloaded in the browser. We will be using spring boot to ease our development.... Read more ➤

Spring Boot Async Task Executor

By Dhiraj Ray, 01 October,2017

In this post we will be discussing about spring asynchronous execution support using async task executor feature to execute task in a different thread. We will take a look into configuring SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor, ConcurrentTaskExecutor, ThreadPoolExecutor in a spring project. Apart from this, we will be also looking into how actual method return type can be wrapped in a Future object while dealing with async behaviour in spring.... Read more ➤

Spring Boot 2.0 Features

By Dhiraj Ray, 18 May,2017

The first milestone of Spring Boot 2 has just got released this month and in this article we will point out different new features, enhancements and deprecations introduced in spring boot 2.0 along with the java version support, jetty and tomcat support, hibernate support and many more. So, let us get started.... Read more ➤

Spring Boot Multiple Database Configuration Example

By Dhiraj Ray, 24 April,2017

There are many situations where we require to fetch data from multiple databases and while using JPA sometimes it becomes challenging to create connections with multiple databases through a single application. Hence, in this article we will be discussing about creating multiple database connections with JPA using spring boot through a single application. Actually, spring boot provides a very convenient way to use multiple datasources in a single application with properties file configurations.... Read more ➤

Spring Boot Jms ActiveMQ Example

By Dhiraj Ray, 13 April,2017

This article is about spring boot and JMS integration. Here we will be using spring boot features to implement asynchronous messaging service. We wil be using activemq as a message broker and look into different support provided by spring boot while integrating JMS with activemq. The application that we will be creating here will be a simple spring jms activemq example with a sample JMS producer and consumer.... Read more ➤

Spring Boot H2 Database Example with Hibernate

By Dhiraj Ray, 19 March,2017

This tutorial explains about using H2 database in spring boot application with hibernate as a JPA provider. Here we will be creating a spring boot H2 database example app which will have REST endpoints exposed and perform some db operations. We will also take a look into accessing H2 db console in spring boot along with spring security integration.... Read more ➤

Spring Data JPA Example + Spring Boot

By Dhiraj Ray, 15 March,2017

In this tutorial we will take a look into spring data jpa in detail. We will see integratation between spring data and spring boot with examples. We will perform different crud operations using spring data and check out different ways and advantages of using it. We will have some REST endpoints exposed through spring controller and we will be invoking... Read more ➤

Spring Boot + Hibernate 5 + Mysql Example

By Dhiraj Ray, 13 March,2017

This article is about integrating spring boot with hibernate. Here, we will be using spring boot 1.5.1 and hence by default it will be hibernate 5 configurations. We will be creating sample spring boot hibernate example having some rest endpoints exposed through spring controller. The dao class will have sessionFactory injected which will be used to create hibernate session... Read more ➤

Enums as Request Parameters in Spring Boot Rest

By Dhiraj Ray, 20 February,2017

In many enterprise application categorical variable is often required to restrict the user request. In java, we achieve it by using enums. Most of the time we define enums in model classes and expect users to provide the exact enums in the request. This also adds one level of validation in any incoming request to the server... Read more ➤

Spring Boot Mvc + Apache Tiles Example

By Dhiraj Ray, 18 February,2017

This article is about spring boot mvc apache tiles integration.Here we will be creating a spring mvc app with spring boot 1.5 using apache tiles 3 layout. We will be creating different reusable page fragments such as header, body, footer using jsp and assemble them in a single jsp page at runtime using configuration file tiles.xml.... Read more ➤

Spring Boot Actuator Rest Endpoints Example

By Dhiraj Ray, 10 February,2017

In this post, we will be discussing about the different features of spring boot actuator with examples. We will be creating an example spring boot app and integrate actuator in it. The example will demonstrate the different actuator endpoints, customizing endpoints, securing endpoints and also creating custom actuator endpoints.... Read more ➤

Spring Boot Actuator Tutorial Guide

By Dhiraj Ray, 09 February,2017

Today, we will be discussing about spring boot actuator in great details. Starting from the overview, we will deep dive into actuator concepts, configuring actuator in spring boot applications, customizing endpoints and also provide... Read more ➤

Spring Boot MVC + JSP Example

By Dhiraj Ray, 01 February,2017

This post is about integration of spring boot mvc with jsp.Here, we will be developing a spring MVC boot app in integration with jsp using spring controller.We will also take advantage of tomcat-embed-jasper artifact of spring boot to render jsp.So let us start by defining our... Read more ➤

Spring Boot + Websocket + Example

By Dhiraj Ray, 28 January,2017

Hello friends, let us again walk through creating websocket connection with java but this time with spring and STOMP protocol.We will also make use of Spring security to restrict websocket server reply to a particular client instead of broadcasting to all clients.Here, We will be using spring boot features... Read more ➤

Spring Boot Session + STOMP + Websocket + Javaconfig

By Dhiraj Ray, 21 December,2016

In this post, we will be discussing about how to maintain spring session during websockets connection through HandshakeInterceptor.Doing so we can track user session during every websocket request and can utilize this session to track client activities from the server even after the server is connected through websocket prorocol.Now, let see by code how we can achieve it using Spring boot.... Read more ➤

Spring Boot + Thymeleaf  Example

By Dhiraj Ray, 05 December,2016

Today let us discuss about what is Thymeleaf, why Thymeleaf is required and also about how to integrate Thymeleaf with Spring Boot with a simple example.Thymeleaf is a Java XML/XHTML/HTML5 template engine that can work both in web (Servlet-based) and non-web environments. It is better suited for serving XHTML/HTML5 at the view layer of MVC-based web applications, but it can process any XML file even in offline environments.... Read more ➤

Spring Boot + MVC +Embedded Tomcat + Example

By Dhiraj Ray, 29 November,2016

In this post we will be developing a sample spring MVC app with spring boot features using maven. As we know, spring boot avoids all the boilerplate code and configurations that we generally do while developing a new spring project like adding build path or maven dependencies... Read more ➤

Spring Boot + WebSocket example without STOMP and SockJs

By Dhiraj Ray, 05 November,2016

In this post we will be discussing about Spring framework support for raw webSocket.Spring supports STOMP over WebSocket but the use of a subprotocol is not mandatory, you can deal with the raw websocket without STOMP.When using a raw websocket, the message sent lacks of information... Read more ➤

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