Spring MVC Tutorial Topics

Spring 5 Features and Enhancements

By Dhiraj Ray, 24 January,2017

As we all must be knowing the second milestone of Spring Framework 5.0 got released in September last year as a new functional web framework.It is completely based on Reactive Programming Model.Spring Framework 5.0 has many major enhancements and upgrades with Java 8 as a minimum... Read more ➤

Caching in Spring Example + Ehcache + Cacheable + Annotation/JavaConfig

By Dhiraj Ray, 25 November,2016

As we know EhCache is a widely used caching library. Spring provides easy annotation based integration mechanism of ehcache using @Cacheable. Here we will be creating a sample application which will use @Cacheable annotation to cache the user detail. We will try to fetch the same user detail again and again and compare the time required t fetch it. The spring configuration... Read more ➤

Writing Junit Tests with Spring4 Mvc

By Dhiraj Ray, 19 November,2016

Today we will take a look into writing Junit test cases with Spring Mvc. We will be creating a sample Spring MVC app with hibernate and write few test cases using Junit and clear our... Read more ➤

spring4 hibernate integration example + annotation/JavaConfig

By Dhiraj Ray, 19 November,2016

There are numerous spring hibernate intgration example available on the web but most of them are not using java configuration. But many spring app these days are being developed using java config. Hnce, today we will be dicussing about spring hibernate integration with complete java configguration, no xml at all. This post can be considered as an upgradation of my previous post where we discussed Spring AngularJS intgration but without DB connection... Read more ➤

spring mvc + angularjs integration example + annotation/JavaConfig

By Dhiraj Ray, 13 November,2016

This post provides an example of spring mvc and angularjs integration. Here we will be using annotation based spring configuration with Beans defined in Java. We will be creating a simple single page application to show the user details in a bootstrap table after a successful login.... Read more ➤

Spring JMS Example + ActiveMQ + Annotation/JavaConfig

By Dhiraj Ray, 07 November,2016

Today let us integrate JMS and Spring with activemq with an example. This will be a simple JMS producer and consumer app. Before we start let's make some concepts clear.

What is JMS

Java Message Service (JMS) is an application program interface (API) that supports the formal... Read more ➤

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