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soap Interview Questions and Answers

Each soap Interview Question Sets contains 12 questions.

1)   What are webservices?

A web service is a collection of open protocols and standards used for exchanging data between applications or systems. Software applications written in various programming languages and running on various platforms can use web services to exchange data over computer networks like the Internet in a manner similar to inter-process communication on a single computer.

2)   What is JAX-WS?

JAX-WS (Java API for XML Web Services) is a set of APIs for creating web services in XML format.

3)   What is JAXB?

JAXB (Java Architecture for XML Binding) is a Java standard that defines how Java objects are converted from and to XML. It makes reading and writing of XML via Java relatively easy.

4)   What is SOAP?

SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. SOAP is an XML based industry standard protocol for designing and developing web services.

5)   What are the types of information included in SOAP header?

Header of SOAP contains following information.
1. In SOAP header client should handle authentication and transaction.
2. The SOAP message should process by client.
3. EncodingStyle is also has in header.

6)   Explain the differnece between fault and exception in Apache SOAP?

Difference between the fault and exception depends upon where these error occurs, may be they occur on client side or on server side. Exception occurs on client side where as fault occurs on server side.

7)   What are the element that we used in SOAP?

1. An envelope element is used to identifies and translates the XML document into a SOAP message.
2. A header element is used to contain header message.
3. A body is used to contain call and response message.
4. Fault element is used to communicate about the errors occurred during the process.

8)   How does SOAP work?

SOAP is used to provide a user interface that can be achieved from the client object and the request that it sends goes to the server that can be achieved by using the server object. The user interface creates some files or methods that consists of server object and the name of the interface to the server object. It also consists of other information like name of the interface and method. It uses HTTP to send the XML to the server using the POST method. The server parses the method and send the result to the client side. The server creates more XML that consists of responses of the user interface's request that is used using HTTP. Client can use any method of to send the XML. It can use the SMTP server as well as POP3 protocol to pass the messages and for request or respond queries.

9)   Explain about the mustUnderstand Attribute in SOAP?

This attribute indicates whether the header is optional or mandatory for the recipient to process. If you add mustUnderstand ="1" to the child element of the header element then it states that the header element must be processed otherwise it leads to failure.

10)   Explain about the SOAP body element?

This part of the element will contain the message which is intended for the ultimate delivery point. An element can be described inside the body element as a default namespace which indicates about the error message during the process. SOAP element acts just like a code to be processed during the execution of a certain application.

11)   What are the elements which should be contained in SOAP message?

Following elements are contained in the SOAP message.
1. An envelope element which identifies and translates the XML document into a SOAP message.
2. A header element is a must as it should contain header message.
3. A body is required which should contain call and response message.
4. Fault element is required which can communicate about the errors occurred during the process.

12)   Explain the difference between RPC and Local calls in SOAP?

An important difference between Remote call procedure and local call is that remote call can fail often and this occurs without the knowledge of the user. Local calls are easily handled. Another main difficulty lies with the code writing capability because it is written in a low level language.

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