Spring Boot H2 Database Example with Hibernate

By Dhiraj Ray, 19 March,2017

This tutorial explains about using H2 database in spring boot application with hibernate as a JPA provider. Here we will be creating a spring boot H2 database example app which will have REST endpoints exposed and perform some db operations. We will also take a look into accessing H2 db console in spring boot along with spring security integration.... Read more ➤

Spring Data JPA Example + Spring Boot

By Dhiraj Ray, 15 March,2017

In this tutorial we will take a look into spring data jpa in detail. We will see integratation between spring data and spring boot with examples. We will perform different crud operations using spring data and check out different ways and advantages of using it. We will have some REST endpoints exposed through spring controller and we will be invoking... Read more ➤

Spring Boot + Hibernate 5 + Mysql Example

By Dhiraj Ray, 13 March,2017

This article is about integrating spring boot with hibernate. Here, we will be using spring boot 1.5.1 and hence by default it will be hibernate 5 configurations. We will be creating sample spring boot hibernate example having some rest endpoints exposed through spring controller. The dao class will have sessionFactory injected which will be used to create hibernate session... Read more ➤

Hibernate Criteria Tutorial with Examples (Joins, Sub Query, Sorting)

By Dhiraj Ray, 09 March,2017

As we know hibernate criteria is a very important aspect of Hibernate framework as it simplifies the way to fetch tabular data from DB. In this article, we will be discussing about different examples on hibernate criteria. Starting from what is criteria, we will look into how to construct criteria... Read more ➤

Hibernate Inheritance Example (Single Table, Table Per Class, Joined Table Strategy)

By Dhiraj Ray, 04 March,2017

This article is about hibernate inheritance. Here we will be disussing about the different inheritance strategy supported by hibernate such as Single Table Strategy, Table per class strategy and Joined strategy along... Read more ➤

Hibernate Many to Many Mapping Example(Annotation Based)

By Dhiraj Ray, 03 March,2017

In this example we will be discussing about Many To Many mapping in hibernate with an example. We will take a look into how we make use of @JoinTable annotation along with mappedBy atribute in hibernate many to many example.... Read more ➤

Hibernate One to Many Relationship Example(Annotation Based)

By Dhiraj Ray, 01 March,2017

In this article we will be discussing about one to many relaionship in hibernate with annotations based configuration. We will be creating a simple employee - department one to many relationship and discuss the different annotations used in the example. We will be also discussing about... Read more ➤

Hibernate One to One Mapping Example(Annotation Based)

By Dhiraj Ray, 27 February,2017

This post is continuation to my last post - hibernate annotations. Here we will be discussing about hibernate one to one mapping in detail with an example. We will take a look into both unidirectional and bidirectional one to one realationship and even discuss about different optional annotations used in one to one mapping such as mappedBy, CascadeType,... Read more ➤

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