Writing any post is always rewarding as your peers and colleagues will read your work and in the meantime you will also learn a lot in the process. Write today, be a guest blogger and see the positive side of it on your career.

What topics to choose

There is no barrier as you can write your article on any topic related to any technologies.Only thing we are concerned is about quality and authentic content.It could be any programming challenges you faced and the way you dealt with it or any tutorials you feel worth sharing.

Guidelines for writing articles

1. Choose a topic.Topic can be anything like Java, Spring, Hibernate, Database, Android, Angular, .Net, Scala, Javascript, Network, Security etc.

2. Write in any editable format like .txt, .word or sharable Google doc etc with topics, sub-topics and references mentioned clearly.

3. Mention your profile link that could be on LinkedIn, Google+ or twitter.

4. Send your article at dhiraj.ray@devglan.com and we will review your article and publish.

Writing an article does not mean, it should be long but it should fullfill the purpose.

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